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High Profile Views?


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I always wondered why my profile views are so high. Lol, I thought people wanted to look at my profile. But after looking at the forum thru my phone, I realized it’s way too easy to select people’s profiles accidentally instead of the topic’s title. I found that incredibly annoying. Well, that mystery is solved now.

Now I’m wondering why the forum lags on my PC, hence the reason why I’m even looking at the forum thru my phone. This was never the case on the old forum. There was no lag there.

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Lol! Ok, Ad1tya, thanks for the additional view, although that doesn’t do anything for me. 😆

20 minutes ago, Typhon4273 said:

It also counts profile views from yourself unlike the previous forum

Oh, Typhon, I didn’t realize that on the old forum since I can’t see my own profile views in the profile summary. I always thought it’s people's best topic views.

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