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The End.


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So ye didn't know this is gonna happen someday but here it is, I am going to quit every online connections either forum fb etc. I also gave my account to my old best friend to co pilot it for now. And sorry big boy's life is gonna end here to, for anyone who thinks I'm just joking or I will be back no I am being serious right now. 

The reason I will be quitting is, a lot of problems happening to my life also got affected by a tornado luckily it wasn't that strong and I'm alive. So ye.... cya guys gonna miss yall hope  nothing bad happens to everyone

Peace. ✌️

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1 hour ago, sᴄʏᴛᴇツ said:

Your POV while typing this shit: 🤓

How desperate are you to Necro a post from a week ago just be obnoxious to make yourself look cool ? weren't you the same genius who called everything i posted gay and got muted on the discord forum just not so long ago ? leave me alone, creep.


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