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Spam a few more "DEAD GAEM PLZ GIB FREE TOKENS ALEX'S ANIME PAEDOPHILE FOR NO UPDAT GAME XDXDXDXDXD" threads and maybe the community and even the game may un-dead itself.

You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.

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There are 6 guest by then, doesn't make sense, is it?

I think guests should count...

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Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting, and I have once lived in infamy.
My Discord Server if you want to see me, I guess :
Omura Unofficial Server
I am not looking for trouble here, and don't try.

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