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A few questions:

1. Overall, was Divine a good addition to the game?

2. Would adding a minimum level requirement to Premium items ( Level 20, for example ), deter hackers?

3. Do you think the standard, weekly, Gold portals, of the TS era, should return?

4. If you had full creative control, of this game, would you change anything?

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1- Yes, I think it is good even for new players against old ones is tuff but ok.

2-No, that will limit the possibility by luck that a player can progress.

3- Hmm, not sure. That is the reason we have base now. Sure, we need more portals. 

4- The game it is a good game as it is generally speaking. The issue is that some people already went up in everything and need some extra things to feel that there is something else to do. Since this game is about progress, they do not feel that not having some extra changes. 

We need to add something else to the base for the use of silver coins or exchanges. They can pump the game buffing the entire legacy parts to interact with current versions with the same names and attributes even if weapons are close or equal in power but balanced in the game with old functionality. The maybe will bring old accounts back to full power not in use and some legacy players with those accounts can come back and we can interact with more weapons mix and we can get those weapons on portals like new item but old buffed. Recovery drone, small repulser etc. "I do not know their names" 🤣

Just imaging the game with current weapons and mixing with legacy style will add more fun for legacy lovers and current reloaded players like me to fight other styles already knows by old players. There are a lot of options to growth this game and it is a solid game. Grahics are cool, design is cool, sound is cool, attacks are cool. Management should do something attractive. Game does have possibilities. 🙂 

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