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Hi guys.

Some people still asking me about why I do not play for ranks. 🤷‍♂️

It is very simple; I started this game to please a family few members, but I was not into the game. I knew it was around but never played been a MECHWARRIOR player since first release. I used to play others and by the time it was requested MECHWARRIOR was in play with my old friends of many years. 

I stopped to play MW to give a break and to then play this one to please the family but work and other stuff it really makes difficult to play seriously and that was starting to happen in MW as well. 

My focus in these games just to please family it was to make some accounts farming and push for some basic rank5 then slow down and hand over the accounts to them and move back to MW in an intermittent base. In other words, I am not a competitive person in this game. This is a chill out place just to click without have to think get kill or kill. 🤣

I still do the same, but in the sideline, I am focus just into farm to make parts and to test in different ways when I have the mood for it. 

Why I spent money here? It is a game and chill place as simple as that. I do not have to pay or play but I just do have family who still play their accounts and recently a bit my own accounts. 

Do I like the game? I like the game and it is a good game for kids and adults. Sure, I like others better but for now I am around till it is impossible for me as it has been recently. 

I do not know for how long I will be around but at some point, I will be gone, and my kids will own the acc. So, in mean time I play to advance the account in an easy way slowly not having time for pvp time.

I was playing already at very low rank for test undeveloped mechs and rarely touched a few plays to get R3 box then go down again. 

I played for some months early last year to see if I was able to play against the real top players of this game and achieved full rank stars in all seasons with different style of mechs. To me it is good enough of achievement and then went down back to low ranks test not having time for focus rank plus achievement were without divined weapons, so I called good and hanged the gloves. I reached an AP of 271 before I lower rank to help the clan. That was cool and that is it. 

Now, I barely play and just farm and also, I am low on farming now. Missing raids or some tickets collection due to workload etc. 

I lose my edge to play against tops, so I am like a baby without dippers against them. I decided to play 1 or 2 seasons just a basic R3 few days to learn a bit the game against those powerful entities around whom really like to whack me for their fun. 🤣 Ok OK, I do not care to lose but what I do not like is the game giving low output making this boring. Sure, it is normal to that happen, but it is heavier in my acc and sometimes makes things interesting as challenge. 

So, for those asking why I do not play rank, the answer is that I do not have time, it is not my thing in this game and not interested. I play as I like in the moment win/lose/test if not I get bored plus I am very sleepy to play at home with my long working hours, so focus is never there. My kids have been playing my accounts close to 6 months and I touched few rounds very rare. Now I have to play the acc because my kids do not play them now and I play just few passing days between plays due to work. 

I won't be ranking for now, but I will be just on and off-season test for R5-R2 then go down just to play few rounds against real tops. Sure, my accounts will stay under continuous progress as always been but slower. 

So, right now I am testing my 2 accounts not for R1 but to achieve R2 relearning. If you want rank, so this is me now. I won't push higher but will have some fun a bit re-learning how to fight a bit this season 5 wins playing to risk and lose to know mechs arounds. 

Do not worry, I do not bite. I do not have teethes at this point. 🤣




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