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Getting Relics back from old Divine items


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I was actually thinking something similar but along the lines of breaking a myth a part in order to get 5 transform relics. A lot of people have old myths they don’t want or use anymore now gathering dust. It ain’t worth fusing then directly because of just how much fuse power is lost. But if I could break some of my old nightfalls into 5 transform relics that would be quite handy.

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Well, it would never be a perfect 1in 1out exchange. If it took 5 Ascend Relics, you might only get 2 back.

Transform relics are a little trickier because it would have to be limited to myth smashing only. You couldn't smash a divine apart, because it might not have been created by transforming. But again, smash a myth apart and get 2 Transform relics back, that would be ok. 

The concept is not to allow free-swapping, its going to be painful, but its better than having a bunch of Divines you aren't using anymore just taking up inventory.

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