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Problems with Google play



Good night, this morning I was playing super mechs until a bug happened with the ad and the screen went white, after that when restarting the game on the phone auto login did not work and when clicking to log in with google play the button disappeared, same thing when I tried the facebook button. Already tried to reinstall, uninstall and reinstall after full shutdown among other things, I was wondering if you have any other means to solve the problem because I did not want to stop playing, the game is very fun and I am loving it.


EDIT: I start a new game and works, but a lost my old account.🥺

Screenshot_20220708-232602_Super Mechs.jpg

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This usually happens if you log onto many accounts from the same device.

The same thing has happened to me too.

The account info in my case was transferred to one of my another alt account. So try to log onto your other accounts that are connected via Supermechs and not through google play/facebook. 


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