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🦖idaniRF🦖 Server!!!


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First, about iDaniRF.

iDaniRF is “My Friend”:)

its Cool sound and Cool Battle and Cool VIDEO:)

@iDaniRF,Long live:)


Next, the reason why I made this topic is, "I think people on YouTube are in different countries and can't actually meet."

In such a case•••


My friend iDaniRF will show up:)

(Please don't think iDaniRF will show up every day. Sometimes I'm busy.)

Eneryone,Nice to Meet You!

@iDaniRF,I am My friend:)

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14 minutes ago, local melee weapons fan said:

ayo did ya delete yo pfp? I rememeber it was an asthetic smth dunno (me forgerful :PPP) + ayo idani rf local fan here from not so long ago... were ya that dude who puts mems on his intro?


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