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Is selfish gurdian lucky?

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5 hours ago, craighawk12 said:

I recovered an old account and got 2 premium boxes,from which I got a selfish gurdian.



Is selfish gurdian good?

This item is lucky.

The damage is relatively high and consumes a lot of backfire. If it's your HP, you need 2500HP to 3000HP.

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19 hours ago, craighawk12 said:

Я восстановил старый аккаунт и получил 2 премиум ящика,из которых получил эгоистичного гурдиана.



Эгоистичный гардиан хорош?

Yes, this is a very good physical drone. Despite the reverse exhaust, it produces stable damage and is widely used at high ranks.

Fluffeh is best of the best, the best of all

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On 6/2/2022 at 1:04 AM, craighawk12 said:

I am able to tell a fact in which offensive and mischievous guy (local melee weapons enjoyer) will reply to a comment formally to me but not in this section of his reply, anyways...



Is selfish gurdian good?

it's like ya take damage but enemy takes more damage so pls don't use it against me... I just committed die to that drone once on an arena they pack too much damage anyways my tip is using high hp when using it


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