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  1. There is something called DM ( direct message) here on forum.
  2. what do you do if i stuck you at range 2? will you be able to push me without a wasted turn?
  3. damn....need to be careful on what I max
  4. I am not a very high ranked player so I don't think my opinion would matter much so I will just drop what I have experienced. I farm OD boss (normal) and my fuel cap is 66 as of now. (lvl 95) I get to farm the boss 6 times. Now, I normally get 1 fortune box every 60 fuel I spend farming and I would say it has the drop percentage of 90%. When i get lucky I get 2 FBs' in the same 60 fuel trip and that has the chances of like 10%. Hope this info helps.
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