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my energy build



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115 cooling is rlly bad u can only stay on 15 or less with only that cooling since heat mechs just destroy anything with low cooling unless u kill them 1st before they could just keep u shutting down

try getting heat engine

other than that low mobility too

can u show me ur inv btw

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7 hours ago, ixsidi said:

how about this?


Nope.  Multiple problems:

1) You should go with energy drainer.  Ultra bright isn't going to be as helpful.

2) Your heat needs to be at least 625 capacity and 325 cooling.  350+ would be even better cooling.

3) There's no reason to use The Claw on a mech like this, it's pointless and all the HP in the world isn't going to matter when a heat mech finds you with that low a cooling.

4) Nightmare is not a good torso for energy mechs unless you have lots of combined modules.  So, no, use energy monkey or lightning platinum vest.

5) Don't bother using rock recoiler on an energy mech.  Use lightning recoiler.  You need synergy.

6) Resistance needs to be higher.  Do you have any premium resistance?

Here, in my opinion, is a better way to do this type of build:



But even then, this build won't go far due to the stats that top rank players have.  So here's an even better build if you don't have premium resistance:


(You can use Naga torso if you don't have rusty energy armor)

Or if you want to be able to at least survive top ranks (i.e. premium version),


"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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20 minutes ago, DARK LEVIATHAN said:

and on account of this1653333942207.jpg.b2a2dfbacfaf06d23d979011f5d83929.jpg

the robot is cool, well, only the weight has leaked out, so to speak, you have to reduce its ato hp decreases decrease pzh

otherwise everything

I translated this to English and it makes no sense, what are you trying to say? All I understand is he's going on bout overweight

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