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I actually need 2 mechs one heat one energy (main mech is phys)


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1 hour ago, BananaananaB said:

Phys mech:

(Heat coming soon)


Heat mehc


Switch corrupt light for flaminator if possible

i'd say keep corrupt llight. 

energy stats are way too low

also, there's no need for ejection blast in phys mech. better to use that weight for another energy module

3 hours ago, Imapancake15 said:



you need more modules. you don't have enough heat and energy modules to cover 3 mechs. at most 2.5. which 1 mech will either have to suffer from not having enough stats, or sacrifice a mech to upgrade the other 2 mechs. 

from your inventory, i'll assume you are no where near high ranks so it won't matter whether you have 3 fully functioning mechs or not. if you need 3 mechs for clan wars, it won't matter anyways since it's just for the "point system thingy". 

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