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Is this normal for a player like this?



As you see in the title this player is somehow strange and I want to know if there's a reasonable explanation for this


While being in chat there's this player that suddenly got many legendaries less than a second and had to take a screenshot of itScreenshot_20220414-134446_1.thumb.jpg.5d7062da6de74dbc23105082faaf4d0c.jpg

The items the player got is too quick I couldn't get to screenshot the other items he obtained first but besides that I took also a screenshot of this player to let you guys see it's level and rankScreenshot_20220414-134711_1.thumb.jpg.5bd46c7bf9c847f198b9a86e423402c9.jpg

As you could see it's at rank 12 and is only at a very low level with fully upgraded first mech, semi max 2nd mech and it's 3rd mech had it's items at level 1 mythical not to mention when getting any legendary item it's not going to be placed in chat most of the time especially many of it at once and I'd like to know as well about your opinion about this player



Note: I'm not saying he's somehow a hacker I just want to know whether this is normal or not since this haven't happened before to me 

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3 hours ago, Tigergeezer said:

Maybe he bought the last offer that had a load of premium packs in it?  That's what I looked like in the clan chat when I last did that.

I'm not pretty sure that's the case since as I mentioned there he got those items so quick there's no way that he can just claim all those packs in one click

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