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Came back from 2017



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11 minutes ago, Alan2007 said:

Hey i came back from 2017 lol i need help with the game because everything that i want to do is not in my level i lose every arena battle and campain im level 31 can someone tell me what to do? Some tips or something

Screenshot_20220413-182526_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_20220413-182017_Super Mechs.jpg

keep the legacy item ( for collection, you are one of rare player to have always legacy item in 2022) but you should use the reloaded item only, these have highter stats ( except the commons items and maybe rare item ), also maybe farm od6 or od8 for earn more useful items .

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sorry to tell you all your legacy items are useless for battle, keep them though they are relics of a lost age so to speak, save up tokens buy a premium pack, and use only new items on ur mech,epic and up (also the few r-m those are also useful),  if you would tell me your prefered element i could tell you what items to look for(atleast the ones i know of), but dont ask me how to combine them for thats something i also need help in, the forum is here to help

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