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Suggestion: Survival Mode


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I would like to recommend a survival mode game play mode.  It can be listed as the fourth "campaign" mode if you want, or a new button above the base, etc.

Basically the player (3v3) has to see how many tanks, buggies, and mechs they can survive.  Rewards could be experience, gold, and tokens at whatever intervals are decided, etc.

To feed this on the software side, basically take all the enemies in all the campaign modes (as if this was a spreadsheet or something) and sort from lowest to highest hitpoints.

Or if that's not how the software works, whatever interval you want (i.e. enemies are random element and then add 50 hit points to them at each spawn, or whatever).

This would add a new thing to master.  Unlike raid where (I hear) equipping multiple heat bombs might help one succeed, this would require people to equip weapons that are not limited in how many times they can fire.  This would therefore be a refreshing new game play mode.

Titan is already slightly similar, but a different concept.  For titan, you probably want weapons that can fire an unlimited number of times.   But here, you would probably need a mech with good heating, cooling, resistance, and weapons, because the enemies don't stop coming, and they are random elements (heat/energy/physical).

The enemies can start off as easy as the first day of Raid, but then go all the way up to bosses at the end of 3V3 if you want.

Please reply and let me know what you think.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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On 12/19/2020 at 7:42 AM, SawzAll said:

Basically the player (3v3) has to see how many tanks, buggies, and mechs they can survive.

This sounds more like "endless" rather than survival, as the goal is to get as far as possible, whereas survival focus on "to not die" (which could be achieved by reducing a enemies' cooling to 1 and then drop heatbombs)


Software side, it could be as simple as a fight scene (like you see in arena), with the right side of the "versus" screen crammed by canon fodders (numerous tanks, buggies, mechs), and then you would be put in a fight (perhaps with background changing to simulate different locations) where endless amount of enemies spawn and your job is to defeat them one at a time.

I do, however, think that certain actions (e.g. Energy Break) should award points (e.g. +5 point for energy break, +5 point for enemies' overheat, -5 for self-overheat, 15 for shutdowns, 5 for overkill, 15 for ultrakills, etc.), which might be added to your total score by (idk) percentage and/or quantity.

The enemy will basically spawn according to the order they are put in the camaign (e.g. buggies, tanks, joebot, macroblast).

As of reward, it can differ more than the amount of different damage values from Frantic.

One way (as in Crash Arena Turbo Stars) is to increase the point for each enemy defeated. Then pit the player in leagues and ranks (to get prices).

The other way (also in Crash Arena Turbo Stars) is to fight against enemies, but you can only save (and quit) your score every X fight (e.g. you can only save your score if you finish fight 5, 10, and so on).

If damage is preserved from fight to fight (e.g. health do not regain), the amount of fights can be unlimited and enemies weaker. However if damage is not preserved from fight to fight (e.g. health restore to full), the amount of fights need to be capped and enemies stronger.

Entry to this event can be as simple as raids (e.g. once per day). Difficulty can also increase from day to day.

It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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