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Frantic and Spartan


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I've seen a lot of peeps use Rock Recoiler with either Dual Spartan or Dual Frantic. I only have one of each, so how would a Recoiler + Spartan + Frantic build work?

... like i know how it works, but like how is it compared to pure dual spartan or pure dual frantic? how high can i get with this mech, rank-wise.......

open to all suggestions. 

I have other torsos available too, i got MPV, LPV, Heat Monkey, and Zark

this is the build in WU



Current build: using energy booster instead of overload preventor (because i don't have one yet)



Discord: Aftokrator#9688

DeviantArt: Azorsia05 User Profile | DeviantArt

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