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What do you thing about this build

Lord Sunrise


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4 hours ago, Lord Sunrise said:


And i have some battle

That not equal, the opponent mech have not drone, resist ..and have a bad torso..

4 hours ago, Lord Sunrise said:

I found some build i thing this is good i will make this if i have all item 😄

And i have some battle


also i does a variants of the build ( you can replace the fractured basalt annihilator by a fratured basalt dissolver )


Win this battle vs the meta mech ( for 1vs1 )


if i control the other mech 


and again the opponent did not directly use the Fba .

Then if the variants won is because is a literally a counter ( counter the right way ) of the meta mech


So i will make him face against this one 


.. the build is very decent ..


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