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Common Item Drop Rates (Base)


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As some of yall have seen, i have been making this drop rate "research" for common items. Namely in my topic :

Anyways, I'm stopping the research for now after reaching a 600 sample size. About half of the statistics came from @Electro. Once again, thank you for your help 🎉🎉. The other parts came from my main account and 2 other alts. I'll probably continue the research till I get to 1000 samples, but that'll have to wait. (school comes first). 

These stats are all from Common Items in base. The stats are collected in batches of 15 since that is the max number of items you can get per drop without watching an ad (which i don't have on my main). 

Here's the very large pie I made with the data. (not sure if it'll load or be readable (systematic squishing to fit space, also kills quality))


This is 90% for fun. Other 10% for my personal use and upgrading efficiency. As yall know, the game gives tips that said that items of the same element and mech part gives extra upgrade efficiency. It does work. I've tried it. Ofc, such small changes (like common items) probably won't be enough to make people notice or care. 

This might also be helpful for new players thinking about building their first mech. 

Good night yall. Please reply if the pie is too hard/blurry to see. 

Edit: Sorry, the pie is still a little small. It's missing Scalpel with a drop rate of 0.67%. same as Crazed Repeater. 

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