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simple sketch of a new drone idea


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well, i like clash and snack/void so much. for me its a most beautiful drones in the game! but honestly are very wreakly...

for me these drones diserve a small upgrade ( in divine with all buffs dmg of clash and snack around 126-166 and its almost the same of a lvl max legend for:

firefly, face shocker, heatpoint...) in divine max without buff is 105-138 anyway, i dream in some like 146-199 in divine with all buffs and around 110-150 no buffs

but its a very distant... of course So why not try to bring something similar but better to the game? exactly for lovers of ''eater'' style drones

new drone fanar.png

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18 minutes ago, Sklxr said:

what program would i use to make it like you?


I used ibis paint but is not the most adapted software for doing this kind of art .

Edit (Oops double quote lol... )

Otherwise according this topic made by Elcent, Zakare and Killin Adobe is recommended.

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