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TheWindWeaver's beginners guide for a long lasting relationship with SM


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If you are reading this post you are probably just started the game, seeing all those kick ass youtube videos of some well known youtubers and you have decided that you want a piece that boom boom pew pew explosion action...only to lose motivation and not having yourself getting any good game progress as you come to a point where you barely make any major satisfying progress , stuck with your barely legendary mech that can't even scratch anyone's paint job off their torso, then welcome to this guide, if you want a long term, enjoyable and "tolerable" experience.

General Information :

- To tell the truth, the game extremely grind heavy.
- No matter how hard you go super duper giga omega tryhard yourself in the game, you will never be able to match the people who paid.
- Don't expect payment = haha progress go brrrrrrrrr, there have been cases of people spending hundreds and even thousands into the game and still get pissed at what the prenium packs greet them with.
- Your main priority is to keep the game to be playable and enjoyable on the long terms , not temporary satisfaction of the moment which we will soon go into detail.

Items Priority 
- For the beginners, your top items priority is items that can allow you to plow through campaign and claim as much resource as possible as wellas helping you with raids, not the best builds that you see on youtube videos....you are still very far from being able to do that, the following items are the best and a must have for your long term investment :

- All time newbies friendly torso Windigo
- X2 Savagery or x1 savagery + x1 corrupt light [For the purpose of heat overload loop raid missions/bosses]
- 1 Heat Bomb [Same reason as above]
- Shotgun , figuratively the best shotgun to synergy with your heat weapons is the Magma Recoiler
- For the legs , any legs with the "Massive" in their name, in this case your favored legs is "Massive Lava Feet"
- Your priority on modules should be heat modules + iron platings that max out at epics
- Your favored heat drone should be either backstabbing protector [only if you already given a few points into reduce backfire perks + plenty of iron plates on hand] , alternate choices can also be firely or heat point depends on your choice.
- Overall : you need your items to be able to efficiently clear campaign and the best possible raid score early to build up your infrastructure first.
- Low priority : Rock recoiler to one shot tier 1 and 2 bosses , Frantic Brute to one shot tier 1 and 2 bosses at other ranges.



Resources & Infrastructure Priority 

The Base :

- You are given a base with 4 mines and 4 factories .
- As you progress more , you would want to max out HQ and then gold mine first , level 20 factory will no matter much until atleast end game.
- After your gold mine , your factory upgrade should be quick for you only need x3 level 3 factory and x1 LV15 factory leveled up to the point of unlocking power kits.

Resources  [Tokens and Gold]
- Don't just expect the base to help you alone though, to upgrade and make base great for long term future benefits.
- Gold is gathered through playing campaign , extra gold % days and you will get even more gold, gold is the base resources of all things, from upgrading your mechs to upgrading your base to doing your dailies , the littlest of things matters.
- Perhaps the most important resources of all - Tokens!
+ Tokens can be gained from campaign , enough said , one time only.
+ Tokens can be gained from achievements , every single tokens count.
+ Tokens can also be farmed daily via watching ads 30 times a day , 2 tokens per ad , total 30 ads you can watch before you reach your limit
+ For a total of 60 tokens a day , 600 tokens in 10 days , 1800 tokens each month , these didn't factor in your daily tokens count yet, so the more you play and the more you improve yourself , the better tokens count you get.

Investment of tokens :
- The only worthy thing your tokens should be spent on is the limited time offers that give you GUARANTEED PREMIUM META ITEMS, particularly modules with the well known names  being : Platinum Plate, Quadcore booster, overload preventor, etc .You will get to know more of these names as builds once you reach this mid game state, im no expert on meta builds so it's better you get help from others on the forum or discord.
- More epics = more items for you to fabricate into legendaries.
- More legendaries = more items for you to fabricate into mythicals
- IMPORTANT NOTE : Items that can only be gained at legendary state are "Premium items" and you should never use these items as fusion fodder to evolve items into myths, these are called L-Ms , as shown below with their indicators.

[There are still exceptions...some items are so outdated that it's laughable how bad they are, people will point it out for you.] 


What NOT to do : 

- Skipping waiting for base upgrades and production, the base is literally there to force you to chill, don't speed run it.
- Paint..., too many times i have seen people's first ever investment of their hard earned tokens is marble paint on a torso that can't be even evolved into myth, don't buy paint ever, you are beautiful the way you are 💙
- Keep expectations low, when you get bad luck the worst thing you can feel is just a "meh" , when you get great things you will appreciate it more, win win.
- 1v1 campaign is your best friend, never revive with tokens for it kills the point of farming campaign as a whole.

Setting out your daily works : 
- For you, being a newbie into the game, once you already got yourself a solid start on a mech that functions well both for fun daily arena, campaign and raid, you should set out your own daily tasks...because trust me, nowhere is that in game daily mission enough for you to get progress going
- Start out with one epic per day when you got things right , rares are easy to come by so this should be easy.
- Probably the easiest work, just let your game run in the background clearing your level's most efficient camapign mission while you watch your youtube videos , occasionally clicking off the ads until you emptied your fuel.
- Abit tedious though this is the only method for you to consistently farm tokens after you depleted the campaign of the red stuff, here's a detailed guide of how would you activate ads on the PC client and grab yourself 60 sweat free tokens daily : 

1/Login on mobile app
2/Look for watch ads for free  token option 
3/Switch back and forth and tap on that free ads tokens card until 1 ad show up 
4/watch it all , end and receive 2 tokens 
5/Login onto PC client and you will see the  option show up on PC ,do it again.
6/After that the option vanish on PC , you turn off the client entirely with the red X on it 
7/relaunch client again , login , go to tokens card
8/It's back , watch , get tokens then repeat from step 6 
9/profit : 60 sweat free tokens


Where should you farm campaign ? :
- If you are yet to clear all campaign stages , it's best to farm ramboy [first boss you face] on easy difficulty for item boxes that also give you fusion fodder, best for when you got tons gold but little good items to evolve and fusion to.
- If you did clear all campaign stages , overlord's den final boss mission on the easiest difficulty should be your target on empty your fuel tank on.
- Why boss stages ? boss stages have a chance to drop Fortune Boxes , which have chances  of items even at legendary tier, at this point even one single legendary, bad or not for you is a blessing.


Last advices : 
- All this grinding will get you demotivated , fast, so never go full tryhard.
- Keep yourself always in the mood with moderately acceptable expectations.
- Never let your resources drop below 1000 tokens, last thing you want is losing interest as you see your fav offer and you only have 65 tokens in stock.
- Play to have fun and kill your stress, not your braincells, once you got the base well upgraded over the course of a few months your dailies and grinds will be significantly reduced considering how much resources base provide you.

Experience from someone who went full tryhard on the game for years, got nowhere and nothing but dissapointment and suffering but got all i have ever wanted and dreamed of in less than a few months.

There can be more (?) helpful guides that i may have missed, please feel free to drop them below.




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You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.


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My guy , 60 tokens per day , 600 tokens in 10 days , 1800 tokens in 1 month and 5400 tokens in 3 months , chill and relax while you are at it, it's really just is that easy.

You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.


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