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How to upgrade items faster and get items to use in transformations such as legen to myth? And special quests...



I am in this problem of upgrading items and transform them into myth items, can you guys give me some tips? And just another question, I was just viewing 30 ads for the free 60 tokens and today there was a special quest in my main level 134 account while the other one that I used to log in and log out as you guys may know to be able to see the ads, in this second account, the 150 tokens quest was not appearing as in my main account, just for curiosity, are special quests that gives you a good amount of tokens only for more higher levels?myths.thumb.PNG.6c9fb6eec75a3f952e8e5bae94b46e71.PNG

As you guys can see there is a lot of maxed items but I have only 1 legendary that I can use as a Item to transform (a trash energy leg)quests.thumb.PNG.d4b642d5e1561816b5feb5ccf6850f87.PNG

Here is the quest (plus im so happy that I am saving tokens as a f2w player to buy any 4000 tokens offer soon, as OKI DOKI told me to do)

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1 hour ago, roxx4ne said:

I dont understand why people need to upgrade PUK while you can simply directly upgrade the items, thats useless

only upgrade puk to upgrade items if you have lots of gold and want to upgrade weapon faster

you can use items to upgrade items but its slower

Hcaptcha scam

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