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9 hours ago, TritiumThermonuclearBomb said:

How do people watch so many ads a day? I only got 50 tokens today, from ads and quests combined.

50 was the max you can get daily, when I would watch ads and play. It shouldn't be more than that a day.  Though, I still don't know.

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In case people really are that desperate for tokens but finding the tokens price tag for the game too costly , here's your answer :

- You can watch ads 30 times a day , one ad give you 2 tokens per time , total you get 60 tokens per day for free.
- It takes you....less than an hour to watch all the ads , at least for ads on my place it takes probably even less than 30 minutes.
- If you do all your dailies too for that one sweet little 10 tokens per day , that's another 10 tokens added to your everyday tokens farm up to 70 tokens per day.
- If you NEVER MISS A SINGLE DAY of ads watching and doing dailies regularly , you will haul yourself an impressive 70x30=2100 tokens per month
- These numbers haven't factoring the fact that you also do your campaign, portals, raids , etc which are different based on their levels. For my case if i don't slack off halfway through ,i managed about 3000 tokens per month.
- Never invest your tokens on nonsensical contents and you will have enough tokens to invest on valuable offers enough and be able to play competetively sooner or later.
- Weaver's Big Tip : Always keep 1k tokens in stock as your own little motivation for future plans, that that 2 digit tokens count is gonna haunt and discourage you to farm further.


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