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what needs to me upgraded/what needs to be worked on? (im curious for tips and hints)


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don't need to fill all weapon slots. 

can probably take off the cracked plasma cannon. 

if you find a better E-M (epic to myth/divine) mid-range phys weapon, it can replace both the arnold and metal piercer. the best to hope for is nightfall. 

to be honest with you, it'll be more help in combat to use common teleports unless if you are an energy mech user or need a double tp. common teleport only need 3 energy and since the epic tp doesn't do much but teleport anyways, it's practically useless to use an upgraded one. the only possible reason would be to get that 6 tokens for achieving a lvl 25 tp. 

build is not bad. legs are workable. maxed out windigo, it's a good torso. don't use roller legs unless special reason

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