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Im back but is more of an retirement


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So i have decided that i will return to record videos to youtube and i need some serious improvements to my channel such as editing and channel overall.

So you wonder the following: "why are you writing this on an yt channels topic on an game fórum?" The reply is simple i Will upload my final videos of SM then i will be gone from SM videos, so you can now say that i am from kinda away from this community, in the start i have joined the old forums for Fun but then i started like more of this community even though the game is now kinda dead i Will remember some of you guys.

So bye for now and from now on i Will not be active on forums, i Will only read but only to see if has some change to the game.


I love you all guys and i hope the game gets better than legacy era and becomes an popular game that everyone knows.

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