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  1. So i have decided that i will return to record videos to youtube and i need some serious improvements to my channel such as editing and channel overall. So you wonder the following: "why are you writing this on an yt channels topic on an game fórum?" The reply is simple i Will upload my final videos of SM then i will be gone from SM videos, so you can now say that i am from kinda away from this community, in the start i have joined the old forums for Fun but then i started like more of this community even though the game is now kinda dead i Will remember some of you guys. So bye for now and from now on i Will not be active on forums, i Will only read but only to see if has some change to the game. I love you all guys and i hope the game gets better than legacy era and becomes an popular game that everyone knows.
  2. How is the current meta of the game, Just wondering
  3. I wanna know how that torsos that were underused or forshadowed by the "monkey" torsos now do in arena such as nightmare?
  4. Welp is now mobile only my account and yeah my builds needs some serious upgrades
  5. XL1

    Merry Christmas!

    too bad for me that i was on the beach, i missed that premium pack and snowball perk
  6. this is both an flex thread of brawl stars and a question that if you play
  7. hi im XL1 i was part of the old forum as XL1Aomegac_gameplays (but now my game tag in any game such as super mechs is XL1) and since this one got added so i guess i could say that i could join, so i will update/rewrite my introduction of myself. im XL1 i have lost my account on the day that damaged armor annihilator got released and im playing by my SM site account that was created on the legacy era (base is optional) instead of my facebook account and i am brazilian
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