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@Alexander You know I like you and so I'm not bugging you for any other reason.There's just a lot of nasty and problematic stuff around that causes not only inconveniences,but also misunderstandings.And this is one of the biggest issues of the forum as for now.

You know,in this layout,replies are fluid.There's no order and you can't see what reply is actually for whom,unless you tag or quote (but you can't quote full posts).

Example Fictional Story:

You want to reply to someone above the person directly above you.Unless you tag and explain to who and what you're referring,since the forum won't tell you anything,everything you want to tell to your dude way above will be shown as if you told the dude directly above.

Example fictional Story II:

The person above you says something right and the one above him says something stupid.So,you're going to compliment one and explain to the other (or maybe say it directly that ''bro that's stupid,here's why'').So what do you do?You click reply and say ''Hey that's stupid and here's why'' and go on.Little do you know,you just corrected someone who got it right and pretty much confused the heck out of everyone,making yourself look like an idiot.

And why is this super annoying?

Because you also have no button to see who is replying to whom.I could see you reply to me when,in fact,you're replying to Winzkay.

And even if you specify...If I have more replies,one that's alright and one that's not...Then how am I supposed to which reply you're reffering??

This forum lacks a lot of things.You need to add and explain yourself even to who and to which of his replies you're actually replying to before you even start properly typing!!

And this could so easily fixed using a preview of that which you're replying to...You know,you see (or are directed) to the intended reply and then you pretty much see both that one and yours and compare them so everything makes sense.

And no,not even then you're allowed...BECAUSE ALL REPLIES MERGE...Oh this hurts...

I can't take this anymore,I hate this forum!!Everything is just extra work and not even then does it actually make sense nicely!!

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18 hours ago, Alexander said:

Or, you just quote both. Mind blown concept. 😛

So instead of replying,we just quote...Alright,although the option of highlighting/showcasing target replies seemed more efficient time-wise and easier to the eye.

Extra work 😛


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