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Super mechs matchmaking is PAIN. ;-;


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Ah yes the infamous post of getting roasted. Just this post is gonna get so much roasts. But idc here we go.

Super mechs matchmaking is an ABSOULUTE PAIN to go through. I just queued with some guy who was rank 11 somehow and he had 2 FULL MYTHICAL MAXED MECHS. While me not having one single fully maxed mech. This just becomes so cancerous sometimes. I feel like sometimes the game is SPESIFICLY queueing you with like a rank 6 player while you are rank 11. This only thing made me get tired of playing arena. When did people start to have top rank meta mechs on rank 11?

And when i queued with the full 2x maxed guy even he admitted that the queueing sucked in this game. I know there is gonna be a lot of people saying "its the ranks where you go through pain" but no. Nearly 90% of the SM youtubers i watch countered someone (when i said countered i didnt meant countering the guy i meant it as "met" with a guy) which has like top rank mechs but is on rank 6. I honestly dont know people is spesificly dropping their ranks to troll n00bs (if thats the case it can literally make someone quit the game) then we need to put a stop to this. Im going thru a pain that can be scaled as the same pain as giving birth. When i was a lil' kid i used to play clash royale, looking back now after i read some 1 star ratings nearly 98% of all people who gave 1 star complained about how they got destroyed by a deck who was straight destroying the other deck.

Every player who is somewhat close to rank 10 can say the same thing. As well as me. Im a guy that plays the for roughly 30 mins to an hour. (Not including the farmings btw) and yet still im getting stuck in the LAST STAR OF RANK 11. The biggest problem with the matchmaking currently in my opinion is queueing with someone that has rank 11 while you are rank 12. 

Lets see how many people are gonna call me out for complaining about the matchmaking in SM.Screenshot_2021-07-10-01-19-25.thumb.png.e3657d7feeda0ae8d40316cb60d3ee7e.png

This is literally whats gonna happen after i click "Submit Topic" lol

And yes all those notifs from youtube isnt fake.

A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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i feel the pain alot.I feel like it can use some changes. There was this one time i left matchmaking on for 2 min and came across someone who was 4 rank higher then me and had 3 meta builds

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