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New arena rank rewards


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When you rank up in super mechs it only gives you a reward once every season resets. It doesn't gives you any revards when you reach a rank for the first time. So i came up with this idea.

So when you reach a new rank for the first time it feels like an achievement. But it doesn't gives you any rewards when you get a new rank for the first time. So i thought it would be cool if it was added.

Like lets say you reached rank 1 for the first time. It just sits there and says you reached rank 1. You can only flex with it. 

Side note: when the season resets and you reach that same rank again it will not give you any rewards. You will only get your reward once when you reach that rank for the first time.

In a lot of other games i play this is a thing. So thought it would be cool if it was in super mechs.

A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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