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Energy Damage Build


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I'm putting this here so people will actually view it 🙂 

If you were going to build a mech that is an energy damage build, how would you do it?  Pictures are encouraged.  I'm thinking more about the arena than the campaigns, but you can include one build for each if you want.

I'll start out.  Here's my best attempt at what might work for an energy damage build.  Your mileage may vary.  If Hardened Platinum Vest were basically about equal to LPV/MPV in hit points and total amount of resistance, just the resistance was pushed more towards energy rather than physical, this might not be so bad with HPV.  Sure wish the acronym didn't suck so bad (no pun intended).


And yes I think Bulldog is too heavy to not be energy free (so please lighten it, see other thread for this).

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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