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  1. My all time best got there 3 times today but wasn’t good enough for r2
  2. Could be no fault of their own but given the history of raid I figured Alex should have visibility.
  3. @Alexander I intended to share this yesterday day. It appears the top top fellows were lucky enough to exceed the maximum points. I hope it is well intentioned but wanted it posted for awareness.
  4. Heck, many times I learn from those who are a lower rank than I!
  5. I mean it’s not that terrible of a thing but I will say it only seems to happen when I have clearly overmatched the opponent. Mostly right away when the match starts but some sometimes after a few turns and it is obvious I will win. never happens when I get my butt kick so it is definitely tied to them quitting
  6. Has anyone experienced having an opponent quit the arena match and it causes your game to freeze? When you restart the game you don’t get credit for the match. This happens to me about 5 times a week. It occurred on my old i6 phone and also my new i11 phone.
  7. I am not sure if the first clan is full but the second certainly has slots! If you agree to our rules, i.e. no hacking, no smurfing, and being involved (35 wins/week, be involved in titans and clan wars) then message SawzAll and he can get you all signed up!
  8. Welcome aboard man!! I have learned so much from everyone and am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do!
  9. Lol! Well you know I’m slow man.
  10. Don’t worry MC everyone know the lower the box the bigger the prize
  11. I normally buy deals with discount boxes. If I have an awesome day and feel lucky I will buy a premium pack. this has yielded some amazing items I really wanted for a long time.
  12. Gestu it’s great to have you onboard!! for anyone else seeking a clan I’m certain you will enjoy it as much as I do! Please ask any questions you may have!
  13. If you don’t hack or Smurf noble warriors and noble warriors 2 would love to have you!
  14. The post says it may be delayed a few days and will show up in notifications. I was just asking if anyone can upload a picture of what a notification looks like as I am unsure if I know what it is. lol I panicked and just downloaded the windows app to get the reward. Thanks again Alex!!!
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