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  1. I do like this one. (Bring backs old memories to me)
  2. A another fanart is here. If something needs to be buffed or nerfed let me know. I wanted to make this with the fire version too but i'm a bit lazy right now. The fire version of this is coming soon.
  3. Uhh.. Dont know what do say lmao. The game have some serious issues sometimes XD bandicam 2021-06-05 17-20-51-550.mp4
  4. Alright a nerfed it but if its need nerf just tell me
  5. So since nobody really commented at this one , you are the winner , congrats
  6. Sadly i don't have enough time for this , i need to go to the school , i will be back like 6-7 hours
  7. Yeah i know , i need to nerf this
  8. It would be OP with the Electric fortress , Plasma fortress , Platinum fortress. That's why i created this torso.
  9. So Created a Physical Top weapon and i'm decided to you guys give the stats of it. Which stats i like the best will be the stats for this physical top weapon :D. Oh i forget to say this weapon can be used 3 times , now i'm go to bed Imao.
  10. One of my favorite legacy items ngl
  11. I will changed it sometime , thanks for the help
  12. i recommend to check them out in workshop unlimited : https://workshop-unlimited.web.app/
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