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  1. I have a question - does the administration respond to private messages? If so, who? I wrote to Alexander, but he did not read the messages for 10 days, wrote Fluffeh he read, but did not respond. I wrote with a request to check the email appeals@gatogames.net to which I have sent an appeal. Maybe there is a separate person who checks this emailbox and needs to write to him?
  2. Guys, I'm not asking for myself, but for a friend. Is it possible in the case of a permanent ban to file an appeal with a request to unblock the account?)
  3. Yes ... Really looks like a mockery
  4. I want to show one annoying mistake in the translation|Я хочу показать одну досадную ошибку в переводе: These buttons are mixed up in places|Эти кнопки перепутаны местами. I would like it to be at least so|Мне бы хотелось, чтобы это было хотя бы так:
  5. I'm sorry for the stupid question, but is Alex the main admin?
  6. If I get banned it will be quite correct because I used a bug
  7. Actually, I didn't want to farm the top 1 in the raid, I noticed that I did, after a while. If I am not banned, I will not use bugs in raids. На самом деле, я не хотел фармить топ-1 в рейде. Я заметил что сделал только через некоторое время. Если меня не забанят, я не буду использовать баги в рейдах. UPD: Eh... It looks like a pathetic excuse Эх... Это звучит как жалкое оправдание
  8. И да, Александр если ты это видишь - не бань пожалуйста я не специально. Оно само
  9. Personally, I don't use cheats, it's an exploit(bag) UPD: And in general, it is useless to put an anti-cheat on this game. This is almost a completely offline game and all player actions are recorded on the server. There is almost no profit from cheats in Super Mech
  10. I wanted to calmly collect tokens, who knew it would cause such an effect
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