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  1. A few. Aside from the trivial stuff (namely, modules), I have 4 of each of the following maxed (D means all 4 are divine) Nightmare (D) Interceptor (D) Rusty Energy Armor Charged Walkers (D) Scorching Feet (D) Iron Boots (D) Rolling Beasts Charge Engine (D) The end goal is to have 4 of every non-premium item (but 12 of every mod) in the game maxed, and eventually divined, since my old goal (maxing out all my L-Ds, which took up most of my posts on the old forum) has ended for the moment. It'll take quite a long time, but I like farming.
  2. Back by unpopular demand: me! Took a brief detour to finish my dual UPC build, but I finished up Nightmares. Siths are next.
  3. Useless to me since I run heat and phys, but whatever.
  4. Did this about three weeks ago but I forgot to post it, so here: And before you ask why, OCD.
  5. Tendency to get addicted to things that'll screw me over in the long run. On another note, welcome back to the forum.
  6. Daystar


    You liked getting an insane amount of tokens? Well, you can kiss those goodbye thanks to @Nefertary Meriten-Mut.
  7. I know this might be challenging for you, since the word count in this article is likely higher than your neuron count, but I encourage you to read this: Dunning-Kruger Effect | Psychology Today
  8. Nono, that's my exact point. Andro welcomed you back assuming you were Lyn (WindWeaver), and I corrected her by saying that you're a different person. That's all.
  9. Uh, I think Lyn was WindWeaver, not StormWeaver. Unless SW also goes by that name, that's a different person.
  10. Gonna go for one more Iron Boot before working on Scorching Feet.
  11. The senpai teaches the kouhai the ways of the lolicon.
  12. Just let me enjoy my three divine charges in peace.
  13. Here's the list of all my max myths and divines I have never used: 2 HPVs, 3 Rusty Energy Armors, Archimonde, 2 Sparked Runners, 4 Rolling Beasts Abomination (D), Damaged Armor Annihilator, Scrapped Energy Blaster, 2 UPCs, Distance Controller, Bunker Shell, 2 Bulldogs, Stormweaver Cockpit Electrocuter, 2 Cockpit Piercers, Flaming Scope, Desert Snake, Desert Fury 2 Unreliable Guardians, Backstabbing Guardian, Rail Gun, Flaming Spear, Anguish, Murmur, Swoop, Greedy I have quite a few more max myths/divines I no longer use, but that's not really relevant.
  14. I mentioned this earlier but today I hit 100 max myths, and I decided to arrange them onto a canvas in Pain 3D. Two years after starting my account, I've reached a number we've decided is important for no reason other than we have 10 fingers lol. On a more serious note, I'm just pretty happy to have reached this point.
  15. I don't know if I'll keep doing 3v3 because I want to do all difficulties, but past here the enemies just have too much HP for my weapons to deal out. For now, this'll be my ending point in campaign.
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