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  1. Ummm I'm not WindWeaver, she's a different person
  2. Hey, StormWeaver or Ultravortex here! I was gone for sometime due to personal work and I have since left Supermechs and I no longer will be playing nor be making videos related to the gameplay, however I will do fanart once in a while, so if u guys want me to make any fan art for youtube, u can suggest it here, or if enough people enjoy this, then I would make a separate thread for this.
  3. Can someone please explain how this works, like replying to someone, all basics, cause I'm damn confused
  4. Surely, it feels good to leave discourse
  5. Hi, Ultravortex or StormWeaver as u guys know me, am here. Feels really cozy here! Good job Gato and Alex
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