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  1. I'm actually on there, it will be fun honestly I just don't use discord much
  2. Any other people who have tried making it?
  3. Part 2 is out, stay tuned again next week for something crazy!
  4. Define SuperMechs, and I mean it, tell me what this game's about, what kinda game is it? Go ahead, any answer is accepted
  5. Check it out. A dumbass like me tryna make SuperMechs
  6. Ummm I'm not WindWeaver, she's a different person
  7. Hey, StormWeaver or Ultravortex here! I was gone for sometime due to personal work and I have since left Supermechs and I no longer will be playing nor be making videos related to the gameplay, however I will do fanart once in a while, so if u guys want me to make any fan art for youtube, u can suggest it here, or if enough people enjoy this, then I would make a separate thread for this.
  8. Can someone please explain how this works, like replying to someone, all basics, cause I'm damn confused
  9. Surely, it feels good to leave discourse
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