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  1. So, Portal and offer were good, Portal Dropped Shadow Wolf and Bulldog, But offer drops some useful items
  2. If your having weight problems may I suggest a diet?
  3. Well depends on what mission your farming in campaign, but for most the main missions played you should be fine with a physical with no energy stats and minimal heat stats, I just use a mech like this for campaign because it looks nice and kills pretty much anything
  4. I need to get a Photo of my current face, the one i posted here is quite old and outdated
  5. I see the forums has changed a bit since i was last here, im happy with my badges
  6. Being able to chose the leader would be very good for when people go to take a break or retire or simply just wish to shift leadership, i support this idea
  7. Thought that said drunk curly fried, was about to say sign me up
  8. Very true, im pretty sure we get more in the normal run that all 3 combined in the old days
  9. What can i say but insane much not be for the weak hearted, it IS called insane after all, i cleared it with 2 revives while letting the autoplay bot run so i don't understand why players who are titaled better are having such a hard time
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