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    Zylok reacted to Marija for a blog entry, Merry Christmas! 🎄   
    Hi Pilots, 
    Best wishes for these holidays and I hope you are all spending a wonderful time with your friends and families! For those that don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you are still enjoying this time of the year. 
    I hope by now you have found our Christmas portal. If you haven't, have a try as the rewards are definitely worth it. We will also be giving out the Christmas box, same like last year's. 
    You should get it in your notifications automatically - don’t worry, not everyone will get it at the same time and it can take up to 24 hours to deliver. You can also simply log onto the desktop version to get the reward, failing that. 
    Merry Christmas everyone and have fun! 🎄🎊 ☃️
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    Zylok reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Miscellaneous Fixes 18-09-2022   
    Hi Pilots, 

    We've done a small server update to solve some recent issues with the game. 
    Since KIN was causing an increasing amount of issues both server and client sided, we've removed KIN from all remaining accounts. Please report it if you still see it after re-opening the game.  We've generally cleaned up the 'special' accounts, some accounts that had special features lost them as a result. Our apologies for any inconveniences related to this.  We've further improved the payment system, making it more solid and much, much faster. This should solve the issue where it was taking excruciatingly long for a purchase to process, forcing one (or even multiple) relogs to get the tokens.  Thanks for your patience with these problems and have a good week!
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    Zylok reacted to Marija for a blog entry, Fixed - potential abuse of the payments system   
    Hey guys, 
    We have received reports on the potential abuse of the payments system, which was identified and then fixed. It was not used to a significant amount but those who have abused it, will be permanently banned.
    Thank you for reporting and helping the community.
    The staff team wishes you a great day!
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    Zylok reacted to Marija for a blog entry, Happy Easter!   
    Hello Pilots!
    Gato wishes you happy Easter! We hope you will have a pleasant day with your families. 
    A present from us, an easter box, will be in mobile notifications. Dont worry if you dont get it immediately, some might be simply delayed. The ones who log in on desktop or Puffin ( https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall ) will also be getting one, for the next few days. Make sure you share the information with your clanmates and friends so they get it as well. 
    The box is also available at the store, I know its not a chocolate egg but it usually comes with a pattern, if not, then you will be getting an extra item. So those who have been saving up, I wish you best of luck!
    Happy Easter everyone!
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    Zylok reacted to Fluffeh for a blog entry, Special Gold Portal Event   
    Hey Pilots,
    Today, we're excited to announce we'll be doing another special gold portal event! And, to celebrate, we've made fortune boxes (if you’re lucky enough to get one) a lot more rewarding. In fact, they're the most rewarding (and rarest) fortune boxes we've ever made!
    Most rewarding of all are the first-finish boxes, so try to finish all of the difficulties at least once. A word, though: harder difficulties have much higher drops but are also much harder than anything we've done before(!) Also, relics drop only in first-finish boxes, so we wouldn’t suggest trying to farm them.
    We hope you'll have lots of fun playing through this and, if folks are up for it, we’d like to do more relic events (albeit with slightly lower droprates) in the future!
    Best of luck,
    The Supermechs Team
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    Zylok reacted to Marija for a blog entry, Anti-Cheat Update - 02-10-2021   
    Hi Pilots, 
    Since purchasing Super Mechs we’ve steadily improved the game, a lot of this is a bit boring (like solving some cheats, improving stability, improving base, deals and balance…) but recently we tackled a particular cheat that has been bothering veterans for a long time now. 
    By abusing SuperMechs’ architecture, a cheat called "Multitabbing" has been becoming an increasing problem. While the cheat in question has been around for years, it has grown more popular and has proven to be very challenging for us to fix. Since it worked through abusing the very core of the game, multiple attempted fixes simply didn’t work, or caused many other issues. To cope with that for the time being, we have been doing banwaves. These however, have been losing a lot of their effect as cheaters grow more adept at quickly growing multiple new accounts. 
    We are happy to announce that as of roughly 2 weeks ago, we have successfully deployed an anti-cheat update. This update addresses several cheats, including the notorious "Multitabbing" cheat. It does this in a definitive manner and after watching cheaters trying (and failing) to use this and other cheats, we are confident at this point that this solution works completely. 
    We apologize for not announcing this sooner, we needed cheaters to think nothing had changed simply so that we could monitor their attempts at still using their cheats in the game. Fighting hacking is a long term battle and we had to make sure we really had them this time. We've already done a series of bans targeting the abusers of this cheat and we have more planned still. We are confident the game should already have significantly fewer cheaters now and the remnants should be sent to Brazil as well in the immediate future. You can help by reporting them here.
    Please do keep in mind that some players reported just aren't very well known, but quite legit, though. Some cheaters saved up boxes while it still worked, please report these if you see anything suspicious in the drops.
    Thanks everyone for sticking with us and helping us by reporting and debugging, in addition our moderator Raul has also been a big help and so has Elcent from our BattleDawn team. Hopefully this makes the game a little better for everyone, please stay tuned to see what we can do now when we don't have to worry about people abusing it to cheat.  
    Enjoy playing Super Mechs! 
    - Super Mechs Team
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    Zylok reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Expanding the Community Team   
    Hi Pilots,
    We decided to expand the community team to help us handle support requests faster and better, facilitate better and more common events, free up time for other tasks and get things under control a bit more. 
    Please welcome Marija, who has long helped the Super Mechs Team as a volunteer (as far back as with Tacticsoft!) and has always been very social and friendly with many, many players in the game and Fluffeh, who works for us on the Battle Dawn side as well and is well-respected as one of the best theory crafters in SM's history. 
    If you don't know them yet, you'll be seeing more of them soon. 🙂
    Thanks everyone! 
    PS: We'll be opening other roles in the near future. Please consider applying for Item Artist if you're good with animate and want to earn some tokens, or take a look at our Job Offers (https://community.supermechs.com/job-offers/) for upcoming jobs. 
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    Zylok reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Balance Update 03-01-2020   
    Hi Pilots, 
    We've prepared a balance update that will go live a bit over 2 hours from time of writing with the following changes:
    base HP 309 -> 329
    base HP 480 -> 580
    base HP 694 -> 825
    phys Res 22 -> 30

    base HP 309 -> 329
    base HP 480 -> 580
    base HP 694 -> 825
    phys Res 22 -> 30

    Molten Platinum Vest
    base HP 480 -> 580
    base HP 694 -> 815
    phys Res 44 -> 55

    Lightning Platinum Vest
    base HP 480 -> 580
    base HP 694 -> 815
    phys Res 44 -> 55

    base HP 277 -> 297
    base HP 430 -> 490
    base HP 621 -> 775
    phys Res 22 -> 30 Weapons
    Frantic Brute
    heat cost 18 -> 23
    energy cost 4 -> 9
    heat cost 32 -> 42
    energy cost 6 -> 16
    heat cost 50 -> 70
    energy cost 10 -> 30
    min damage 52 -> 152
    max damage 482 -> 382
    Frantic Flame
    min damage 58 -> 108
    max damage 359 -> 309
    Frantic Lightning
    min damage 58 -> 108
    max damage 344 -> 294
    Malice Beam
    energy damage 64 -> 74
    energy damage 94 -> 104 Drones
    min damage 28 -> 33
    max damage 45 -> 50
    heat damage 30 -> 35
    min damage 42 -> 65
    max damage 68 -> 91
    heat damage 44 -> 70

    energy damage 25 -> 23
    energy regen damage 4 -> 5
    weight 30 -> 28
    energy damage 36 -> 33
    energy regen damage 7 -> 10
    weight 30 -> 28 Thank you everyone for your patience with us! We hope this update will pave the way to a more balanced game where every item you get feels like it may be useful to you. We intend to update an additional 5-10 items late jan, with an internal deadline at mid feb. 
    We'll evaluate this update in the next few weeks and apply any needed additional nerfs or buffs to these items based on that. Please keep in mind though, they are intended to be stronger than their former peers, the idea was to bring them up to the level of the very best items in the game right now, not to the level of the average item. The other items will get the same treatment over time. 
    If it turns out they're still a class beneath the best items for their purpose, they'll receive another buff soon. If it turns out they completely replace the best items, they'll get a corrective nerf soon. They should be a choice, you should feel like you can build a top build with both these items and the current best items. The difference between premium and non premium items should exist, but not be so major as to make premiums not worth it. The difference between C-M and E-M should exist, but not be so major as to make a C-M lose every single matchup to an E-M. 
    Hope that makes things clear!
    As for the reasonings: 
    Various torsos were buffed to account for the stronger physical drones, the larger HP going around the meta and the current meta dominance of the so-lovingly dubbed "Monkeys". More will follow. Thank you @Lord Gorgon and @SawzAll for creating in depth topics suggesting broad balance changes and more specific ones as well. 
    Frantic Brute was reworked to be less random and have slightly more cost attached. The other frantics were made a bit less random but otherwise remain the same. Thank you everyone who suggested this on the old forums, some a little bit too passionate (*cough* lake *cough*) and of course the late besty. 
    Malice Beam was given a slight buff as it was overshadowed by other items in its class. It should be roughly on par now. 
    Swoop was given a large buff to make this "useless" drone into a heat-generating powerhouse for the right build. Make no mistake - it might not be targeting cooldown, but with the right setup, the little swoop is going to wreck some builds. Thank you @CyberRodrigo for shining a light on this item on the forum. 
    Anguish was given a minor rework and buff to focus it on its unique selling point (hitting the energy regeneration) and make it feel a little more powerful. 
    Thank you everyone for your countless suggestions, advices and opinions. I tried reading them all but it's hard sometimes.
    Thank you to the Volunteer Balance Team for taking their time discussing it with us and helping us ( @Elcent and @CleverName with their Spreadsheet mumbo-jumbo, @Lord Gorgon for harsh opinions and @Purific, @MatiasKurt, @That1Guy, @DarkJailu, @Raul, @Fluffeh, @Zylok for valuable inputs, sorry if I forgot someone who contributed!)
    We'll release the change on the countdown ends. Please forward it to your friends and please keep in mind that if you find something very OP about this, it probably won't last for very long. And if you find it's insufficient, there's a good chance we'll buff it again soon.
    Good luck experimenting, pilots!
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    Zylok reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Merry Christmas!   
    Hi Pilots, 
    We wish you all a very merry christmas from SuperMechs!
    To celebrate, we have a couple of gifts for you. 
    As some of you may have seen in your notification, everyone is able to collect a free christmas box. If you didn't get the notification, you can also collect it here. 
    On top of that, there's another special treat for those who follow us actively. You can collect a free Snowball Perk - make sure to pass the link on to your friends as well!
    Collect them soon as they'll expire in a few days. Enjoy the game and again, merry christmas!
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    Zylok reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Welcome to the new forums!   
    Thank you very much for joining us! 
    As you can see it is quite different from the old ones. We have a lot of new, powerful features (did you see clubs?! You can start your own little forum! On our forum! Check the snazzy discord integration!) and I am sure you'll run into some missing ones as well.
    We'll improve it over time and install plugins and such based on requests. We feel this is a really good base for our new community strategy. 🙂
    Do I hear strategy?
    Offering a discord is just a start. We want these forums to be the best place for people to discuss SuperMechs in a friendly environment, with Discord replacing the Chatting that people did quite a bit too often on the old forums (poor Marija...). Moderation on these will be much, much harsher than the old forums, anyone who doesn't want to contribute positively will simply be shown the door, tone or otherwise. We think this'll mean it'll be a lot more fun here. 🙂 
    The language of these forums is english and... well, obviously some people enjoy fueding. They like to attack each other, turn each other into a joke, for some it's really fun, target or attacker. Additionally there's many languages other than English that we simply cannot adequately moderate. 
    As such we will begin linking other communities in this one soon. The only rules from our end is that they hold a zero tolerance policy on anything harming the game (cheats, hacks, attacks) and will be active enough to moderate out the few people who really don't belong anywhere (racists, sexists, people who threaten others...). 
    If you are interested in having a role in this, please PM me and we can discuss the options, there. We'd love to see a few Reddits, Discords and so on pop up. 
    We will open job applications for a Community Manager this weekend as well!
    Thank you everyone for coming here. I know this will take a bit of getting used to, but together we'll make this into the best place to be on the web. 🙂
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    Zylok reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Upcoming Balance Changes   
    Hi Pilots,
    Even in the holidays we'll be hard at work fixing problems and cheating but there's also something else in the closet - balance. 
    We'd like to start doing semi-regular (at first we'll ramp it up to once per 2 weeks or so, we'll slow it down again over time as the game gets more balanced) balance changes to both, improve the game balance and keep the meta from getting stale, with the first being the sole priority for the next few months when it comes to balance.
    For this reason we're recruiting a balancing team to help advice us on potential changes through discussion in addition to the new "Balance Changes" suggestions category to help give us a more broad idea.
    For december (with our internal deadline at january 3) we hope to balance roughly 5-10 items, we prefer buffs over nerfs but obviously both options are in the card based on need. 
    Thank you for your patience everyone - we hope you'll help us make this game much better!
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