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Anti-Cheat Update - 02-10-2021

Hi Pilots,  Since purchasing Super Mechs we’ve steadily improved the game, a lot of this is a bit boring (like solving some cheats, improving stability, improving base, deals and balance…) but recently we tackled a particular cheat that has been bothering veterans for a long time now.  By abusing SuperMechs’ architecture, a cheat called "Multitabbing" has been becoming an increasing problem. While the cheat in question has been around for years, it has grown more popular and has proven


Marija in AntiCheat

Banwave 05-04-2021

Hi Pilots, We've just done another banwave based on hueristical, behavioral player data in addition to reports, with an analysis done on the reported players, top 2000 players and  players with certain suspicious statistics. We intend to keep improving this analysis and widen the scope as well, in addition to improving the overall system.   As the last time, the goal was cleaning the arena, please report to us any cheater we may have missed via the form. Duplicate reports fro


Alexander in AntiCheat

Report-based Banwave

Hi Pilots, We've just done a relatively limited banwave targeting certain cheats based on reports. A few obvious non-reported accounts were caught as well. Please note we're intending to do another small one if necessary and then a bigger, more thorough one.    The aim here was to remove the accounts currently causing the most grief in the arena, please report to us any cheater we may have missed via the form, we'll get to more unreported ones later. Similarly, duplicate repo


Alexander in AntiCheat

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