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Miscellaneous Fixes 18-09-2022

Hi Pilots,  We've done a small server update to solve some recent issues with the game.  Since KIN was causing an increasing amount of issues both server and client sided, we've removed KIN from all remaining accounts. Please report it if you still see it after re-opening the game.  We've generally cleaned up the 'special' accounts, some accounts that had special features lost them as a result. Our apologies for any inconveniences related to this.  We've further improved t


Alexander in Fixes

Fixed - potential abuse of the payments system

Hey guys,  We have received reports on the potential abuse of the payments system, which was identified and then fixed. It was not used to a significant amount but those who have abused it, will be permanently banned. Thank you for reporting and helping the community. The staff team wishes you a great day!  


Marija in Fixes

Clan War Reward Issue - Solved

Hi Pilots,   We got reports of an issue causing last clan wars' rewards not to send, in addition to duplicating the clan war for another week.  After investigating the issue, we have now deployed a fix. All players should receive their due clan reward now and should be able to join the next clan war. Please report it to us if there's any issues with the current clan war left. Thanks for your patience everyone.


Alexander in Fixes

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