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Base is something that the 50% of people like and the other 50% hate..New players cannot grind fast with the Base and they leave the game..This is an example of my friend who didn't like it and quited.I know that everyone can send a request for *Base disabling* but there are 2 problems on it.

   First problem: Not everyone knows or joins in supermechs' forum so,they think that *Base disabling* is impossible.

   Second problem: Almost everytime,Account managers do not even reply on these requests.

   Solution: You could put a button in account's info that disables the base.(Everyone knows that there is one button now that ONLY enables the base,why?)

In conclusion,i want to say that base destroys the game..i think that if we could have the choice to Enable/Disable it,the things would be better.

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It all depends, when I came back to sm after a long break, I had no clue that you could disable the base, and therefore, upgraded my base, so now I have a maxed base, so I don't even wanna deactivate it. But wouldn't it be better if the base was something worthwhile, this could be as easy as making the gold mines mine 2 times as much, so that the base is practically self sustaining.

I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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