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  1. what do you mean 3000 tokens offer dude?
  2. thiis is big help to me broo and other prayer here thx bro for guide
  3. thx broo I appreciate your answer thank you
  4. thx broo what is the suggestion of others?
  5. What is better torso for physical build zarkares or windigo
  6. I can't say because until now I still can't maximize my base because upgrades are too expensive and until now he still hasn't disabled my base
  7. i reach first time in rank 9 2stars hehehe and im done the task
  8. the event was good today thanks to supermech the event was good today if you always have 250 tokens in 10 win on arena I will always play sm and I will be the first time to reach rank 9 now very bless really
  9. yes because it is difficult for us to upgrade the base please disable my acc
  10. alexander please please disable my base please
  11. ahh I did that too broo I hope my wait will be work it and thanks for your advice broo have a nice day
  12. but he does not respond to my message
  13. guys please tell me who disables the base please and please disable my account because it is difficult for me to collect a lot of gold to upgrade my base so I want to disable it
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