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The Daevite Covenant Recruitment Thread

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Hey everyone, my clan The Daevite Covenant is recruiting!


- Play fair: no hacking, smurfing, or boosting

- Be involved: clan wars ARE MANDATORY. Clan is heavily focused on clan wars and titan. Further info will be provided in discord. Win requirement is 3 wins daily.

- Rank requirement: 7

- Titan ticket farming is not required but greatly encouraged -  you must not do more than 10% damage to the titan so everyone gets a chance. Few hours or less left for the titan, there's no damage limit. In order to attack titan you need to farm at least 50 tickets.

All further info can be discussed discord server, or through DMs with me. If you'd like to join, please either respond to this thread or add me through Discord - 1carus.rising

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Psst, hey guys, you should join this clan if you're actively looking to grow your account, we got a great leader with knowledge of pretty much everything to do with growing your account. Plus once we get top 10, we'll guaranteed have S+ boxes in all of our clan wars. 😉

Take a spot in the clan before anyone else does. I hope I see you there! 🙂

If you need to talk to me about anything, my Discord is hisnameiscole. Otherwise, thanks for reading Icarus' message above and mine. And have a nice day. 👋

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