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these hackers keep destroying the top player list

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also those first 3 1 2 3 are litterly rank 215 211 209 with hacks they played with same person many times to reach that rank image.thumb.png.1ff25261a915b117fcae8b134e123f00.pnglook at this   bro litterly  got rank 1 by playing with the same guy image.thumb.png.6441589a30cba5530bb49053a14c7caa.pngand this guy  got rank 1  by playing 2 times on arena only???image.png.12dcf423a4a3723fee917c45005c6c58.pngyea nice hacks the game is so doomed that no can  reach position 1 2 3 without hacksimage.thumb.png.660acb1c5c6f28db9bc91251fc5a16c4.png

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nothing new. 🥴 there are few more around. 🤷‍♂️

You should summit the info to the proper channel. 

Not just I do not care about rank, but that makes the game even less attractive or pointless to even think to try to rank up. I do not even try for from 2021 summer. Never wanted buy even less now. 🤣

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