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What you following this season?


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1 hour ago, JamAnime said:

You are following a lot like me. lol

you know, childhood. 

I watch anime since I have life. 

These are some examples of what I used to watch when baby till before started kinder. 

This was Cyborg 009. Loved. This is by the end of the 60's. 



Funny Enma by when started school or so image.png.cf4bc7e4dcda128292e33f9bb707e211.png


Gegege was before school. Funny and interesting when I was kid. image.png.530a876cfe8a3ec29682d42e89030278.png


This Koutetsu was at school already and came later of Mazinger Z. Was cool but no the same as Mazinger. image.png.528a28632053caa6a1c1b3b583ff9a1b.png

This one Rainbow was cool and was re-run because is older than me but nice.


This one was cool fights Casshan image.png.35169425e4249add6df474256a6224ff.png

Like it Papy image.png.59ea8ef6e00412839e2e383e2c28f230.png

of course, Mazinger Z between countless. 

Image result for mazinger z gif

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21 minutes ago, JamAnime said:

Damn.... Those are old...

yes. old as me even older. I was watching from my dad bed where I used to sleep often and next too at baby coral. My mom used to turn on the old tv for me since baby to keep me entertained when she had to deal with my older brothers, so I was a junky tv baby like the kids now internet. By age of 2 or earlier I used to turn on the tv and change the channels and fight with my older brothers to watch my anime and cartoons. 

It is something already in my nature reason I like more anime than cartoons because drama etc. Also, I used to live in Japan because my father time in Japan military base. There is a bit of Japan in my DNA in some ways living there that young. 

Of those mentioned, which one do you like as best? Why?

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