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Can you give me some tips how to upgrade my mechs

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u got there nice meta weapons and torsos n legs,  try upgrade to mhytical the torsos and then start  with the weapons, finally legs, upside to u, the first one u have a basic starter heat mech, with savagery and corrupt light combo, and that flaminator to avoid wasting energy, try get modules because both mechs lacks of  cooling and regen,  anyways, u got there nice things to do, good luck.

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Antima gave a good description of what to do. 

Let see the inventory... Hmm...

Ok. You have some decent torsos and legs. Congrats on that. 

You have image.png.0e3384f015522fc21eb4653628be39e6.pngimage.png.049f1eec747aef8647376395972f2332.pngimage.png.867a7f355edbe13a02d09f8d16aea0c6.pngimage.png.269bdc5797334840e10e498ffe44b079.pngimage.png.bed00d873c9c5f75061f53ab2c4485b0.pngimage.png.f80503ed52721142a2bf5e7755ff7d71.png very good to start.

Building a mech it does require to think about it and parts around understanding for how long play and if is free or a p2w plus goal in the game. Pictures above are parts that are great and helpful for your progress. Those 6 parts can be maxed but due to you are starting, you need to get focus first in 2 mechs not 3 for now till understand what to do properly. 

1- You have to focus all the best parts to make the strongest mech possible available then the remaining parts goes toward the second. 

2- Parts chosen to max it is about preferences or availability. 

3- You max parts possible to L40 and analyze if new parts came in and if have to switch configuration, it won't be a full loss. In the case of parts mentioned, all of them can be maxed in the future and won't be a loss.

4- Max evenly as possible for balanced strength going up. Now, people will say go to the TORSO first which is common sense then legs and drone. Even can be TORSO then drone and legs. Drone it is very important to be maxed as the trio then weapons. In reality it is choice.

What do you have to understand is that as higher the parts level, the stronger the opponent. Balancing power sometimes is best but no need too. Be careful maxing parts too because as higher power, higher consumption in energy and heat in the use plus that affect when opponent attack you reason every mech I built has been balanced in the making in every part equally and I can see my progress faster been steady per ranks. Just follow your personal desire understanding what the weapon stats are and the effect against you with modules available. This picture below it is an example of my natural progress development always keeping same level progress one level per parts till is done. Maxing a part L1-L50 MYTH it does take too much gold and mix boxes and takes long and require a hell of time. 


5- As mentioned, study the part attribute before commit to use the weapon etc. Let's check few of your weapons in current set up and effect. 

image.png.b5e610965e7dae7cbae4b5e0b5369014.pngExcellent weapon starting in the game and can be use till get the premium even can be use at top position for some types of mechs and can be useful to R3 but have seen even with R1 players sure with proper mechs. Naturally is a weapon for R7 arena position if decent built. 

 1- The Transformation Range indicate that my weapon it is at MYTH status seen on those circular colors in blue"Rare", purple"Epic", gold"Legend", orange"Myth" and can go to wite"Divine". That mean, the weapon can be granted normally as RARE part and EPIC part. Generally speaking, lower parts can be granted in 2 different statuses. Premium parts start at Legend and RARE and EPIC circles won't be present. We want to get parts that can go all the way to DIVINE to max. Sure, at lower rank, we max some to the max of the part because we just started, and it is natural evolution. 

2- Power Level is 50. L50 itis a MYTH already maxed. 

When you decide to max a part, you need to understand that maxing a part will provide more power but at the expenses of the functionality requiring more consumption in some ways.  It is like in your house, you spend some electricity to have in your room a light bulb to have light but then you want the room to have more light and add another light bulb. That will pull more energy out of the grip to make work the other light bulb. So, as you level up the weapon, the consumption of module resources will be higher. 

That it is represented in this case in the 110 Energy cost. That means, you need to have 110 available in energy cap to use the weapon. 

The weapon Range it is 3-6. That means if the opponent it is face to face won't work and if is in a step back also it won't work. 

Same happen with the effect of the weapon against you about heat. In this case, your mech do not suffer to be overheat using the weapon because use energy only for the shot and create damage to the opponent in the cap and temporary overheating them. 

3- Knowing the effect of the weapon, can give to you an idea how to set up your module's requirement at the moment. Sure, you need to think in weapons combination affecting combo attacks and damage receive buy your own weapon usage and opponent. 




4- Knowing the basic then let see basic set up now you currently have. 


 a- Your HP is low at 1607 of course because starting and developing parts now. That it is totally normal. to happen. 

b- 44 in energy regeneration. That it is very low to recover energy use to recover your own energy reserve to use weapons again. It gets harder when an energy mech opponent attack you draining energy in your mech. 

c- Energy CAP at 107. If you were not to increase torso stats, as I mentioned before, that FLAMINATOR will need 110 in energy to make an attack at L50. That means, if you level up just that part to L50, you won't be able to use the weapon because your energy cap is less than it will require to be use at that level. 

d- For energy cap and regeneration, you have not set up modules to sustain the use of your weapons. That goes for every weapon in use right now in that mech. Sure, some consume less energy to use weapon in current status like recoil just for say but when do a combo attack of 3 weapons then maybe you won't have enough energy to support the attacks and not enough regeneration to get back energy to max cap to attack again. 

e- You have good heat cooling modules installed and plates to increase the mech HP. Sure, no energy and they will kill you fast at low rank. They will exploit that condition and will lose very often. 

f- Because the lack of energy modules, using a torso to address more heat attack with less energy resource, it can be tuff to win pvp.  

Let's put things with few examples. 

Let say current leg and torso maxed at Divine

The torso and legs alone will reach 2619 in HP. Now, those numbers are related to my account that it is maxed at ARENA SHOP. Your numbers will be lower and it is divined not just simple L50 MYTH that will be even lower. 

The regeneration alone will be at 77 which it is a bit average and energy cap it is not super but some decency around. 

The heat cap it is very decent at 339 and cooling at 116 is good. 

If you observe carefully, there are no shields in place. That means, it is a torso without shield protection added to the torso itself apart of shield modules plus shield extras from the ARENA SHOP account improvement. That makes the mech easy to be sliced against any type of mechs specially versus physical mechs. Sure, it compensates having more natural higher HP that can hold up a bit more attacks in some ways but for some others will be really easy to destroy for now in your current status. 


Let's use same legs different torso

1- With this torso the HP will go a lot lower. Sure, weight will be better off. This torso weight is 346 and the other is 370 making harder to make modules usage and this one is a bit better to use modules but not the best but decent.

2- Energy and regen increased nicely but cooling and heat cap decreased. versus the other torso. 

3- The resistance now 77 phys, 23 energy and 31 in heat it does makes a decent torso to use. Not the best but is one of the best.

4- Having difficulty with resistance and energy availability, maybe can be a good option to gain some energy in need to use current weapons and make a better mech for now based in energy issue.  Don't have to be like that or same torso. Just giving an idea of possibilities. Can be different but just think properly how you do will like to play in your own ways and likes. 


Let's takes a look with similar parts but sadly I do not have all of them in the lower side. Just illustration in this case but weight will be to the same. 





Looks fun having 3400 in HP🤡

Sadly, every time you are attacked with energy mech, you will lose all of them. Why? Simple, no REGENERATION and low ENRGY CAP even many set ups can work with low energy cap as counters, but they use decent regeneration to get back in full cap. In your case, you do not have modules for it so will be at current set up impossible to win as well against any energy mech. Will require luck and think properly in moves. 

Let's see same set up with different torso no other change. 

1- Less HP but more resistance defense against all type of attacks. Sure, not super but an enhancement.

2- The energy cap and regen went up and the cooling and heat are decent. Sure, regeneration still a disgrace and need to move up some. Sure, cap is bad but taking energy loses are ok but can stand a bit better vs physical and still decent vs heat mechs. Do not forget those are my stats as maxed account in the arena shop not your real ones. 

3- You will have more weight to use a hook and a charger in the future. 

4- Dual teleportation it is fun to have for sure, just have in mind, that having low energy cap and so poor energy regeneration, the dual tele can be good or bad. When the energy is low to recover, it is better to go to the simple way looking to avoid use energy that might not damage much the opponent but can be use as escape or to attack with minimal effect against you. 


For example

Dual teleporter weight more and can be use that weight when limited in modules and add more modules for energy and heat or maybe as counter with more HP. 

It cost more at 20 using the part and can cripple a move to scape against energy mech and having a lower tele can be useful having limitations because the energy to be use will be less.




You can make changes according of what you see here. These are just ideas when max parts. What do you want to do, it is your preferences. Test parts in different ways even take loses on purpose. Learn how to use parts. 

Focus in your primary mech to make it stronger and use those recourse there. Just make changes at will and compare results. Do not worry about loses to learn. 


Hope this help you a bit as TIP and make your own conclusions. Other players can make contributions and help you out with other tips and combinations. I try to make you understand basics. 

Image result for have funImage result for it is just a game


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