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I can't rank up in the arena, help please :(

Sraph Blade


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4 hours ago, Sraph Blade said:

I have already tried all the combinations of my weapons, but I cannot rise above rank 12 in the arena, I don’t understand what’s wrong, what am I missing?




Your 2nd mechs is very good but the 1st one is not good. You need to make the things balanced  not to make it over weight I will give you an idea image.png.484b1a49b977aad8be64acbede32a563.png. Here's a suggestion  if you can show me your modules i can give more better idea  also the drone should be checked too

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image.png.02bf252f3d7450bf7bc1fa64edd0eb42.pngThis might be good but as a rank 5 player, It's very hard for me to reach rank 4 because many people uses something like counter mech which has 250 energy and 700 heat 300 cooldown and 3k hp which is annoying. Hope this helps but I forgot to add solar torch here also remove the grapple hook and use double teleporter 

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Lets explain a little bit. This is the easier mech around to build and push up to R5 if you have the parts.

1- You need to understand that even it is powerful, it does have limitations and farts, and all depend also on luck and accounts. 

      a) Top guns can inflict a ton of damage and push to R5 fast but also can shoot very low. I do not use this version because in my account I am unlucky with the outputs but that does not mean can be great in yours as many consistently get nice outputs. It is a gamble mech. 

     b) That torso comes with less HP than the energy or heat versions. Even start at the same when this one reach L50 it is lower. image.png.64a2c06cd1bddb26b6a0e0a2fa910f89.png


  C) The torso gives balanced energy and heat caps and recoveries but will lose more with less HP and combinations can be better with the other 2 and energy I thinks is the best. 

   D) If you observe properly, there is no resistance available for the torso. The reason of no resistance is simple, it does have a very high HP and more weight to balance against one with resistance and less HP in a PVP and if not, will be very unfair. 

   E) The weight limits the use of better modules set up reason some use this type of mech as counters with very high HP. Now, been in the low ranks, energy and heat is heavily in use and can kill easy the mech been a counter. Not all players are smart to play in that condition and the mechs are set to play around 3200-4000 in HP.

   F) Knowing the basic, you should understand that not having resistance, it will be killed faster depending more in HP to counter that possibility. The resistance that can be added, can create issues in the set up forcing ti be counter or to lack of other things as recovery. 



This picture shows how bad is in your account. The heat recovery and energy recover are super low regardless the energy and heat caps and your shield are just 39. Everyone can toy against the mech regardless the HP and kill you easy with even R20 mechs. That have to be addressed. 


If you do not have the parts and have at least something maybe like this, so set up like this if you are a balanced guys if not and you are a counter guy, will be different. Just giving simplistic way not messy close to what used to be in the past before the new modules. 




Now. using this this form, it can help a bit. Sadly, the game changed a lot related to heavy armor. This set still weak due to low shield, but it is a start to get out from R11 without much investment. 

If not maybe this one but weight will be at the limit even so can get a few extra HP.



If you have few other parts around as full set-in modules, maybe: 

1- More HP, more resistance, less energy regen. cooling but manageable, less heat/energy manageable vs phys and heat. Might suffer against energy mechs but is basic in claw set ups. 


or risk versus heat and energy but more HP like this and might be able to fight heat but good against phys with luck been frantic or other changes like dual teleporter or few others.


Possibilities are there. You have parts but need to work on grinding. No grinding properly the right parts then forget about it. Focus in one mech. The others are fine for now. Get one decent. 

The others I will have to check. later. I think I helped in this before. 🤔 Can't recall. 

Take in consideration, if your account is recent and not enough daily at least 5 wins per day to collect coins, the numbers on shield and HP will be lower than I showed. 



Well, what I can see you can make this one too. It can be change but you make one basic for you. Don't have to be like that. People use charge to push you against the corner and keep you there and lose drone attack, this is an R1 mech if play properly. 









There are more to combine and use 2 mechs with what you have in the account. Those are simple to avoid confusion with set ups. You can now look for some. Stop to make parts in a crazy way. Set a place in the workshop for development ideas and changes.  Focus on what can do using the attributes of the weapons related of what kind damage will do with a setup of weapons for it. 

For example, do you want to hurt the resistance more or the HP with minimal resistance damage etc. The game is more focused now against resistance. Don't have to be like that to play and win but is prevalent now. 

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