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I play this game on my iPhone 12 and on the computer. On my phone I have never been able to use adverts for tokens. On my computer I used to be able to Watch ads for tokens in the beginning, but it quickly stopped. Also on the computer I found this place where you can do surveys for tokens, but no matter How many times I tried it, i never worked. 

does anybody have alternative means of gaining tokens, other then paying or grinding? In the beginning it was easy to stacks up tokens, but now when the campaign is almost finished, and am never getting further in it, the tokens Are gathering rather slowly. Any tips?



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12 hours ago, snugglemonster said:

Hello Bumbum, thanks for replying.


About the token ads, I could do those in the beginning, but I don't have that option anymore. For some reason it is gone when I play on my computer, and on my phone it has never been.


Do you know if the surveys work?



Maybe you overwatched the ads. Try to watch atleast 1 token ads from mobile SuperMechs to reset it on pc version. If the ads still aren't appearing, try to use vpn on your phone, that should work.

aku sayang kamu

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