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Why haven't the developers updated their game?


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So we all know they pretend to "update" the game with their little events they host, but why haven't they posted a REAL update.

The most important thing they need, is a serious security update. Their app has absolutely NO security whatsoever, and it's STUPIDLY easy to break into. There are KIDS out there who are able to break into the game with cheats and hacks, and they're able to view the information of other players. 

The other thing is they need to update the cheap ass, old, outdated server they got 20 years ago from wish.com and get something that wont cause players to quit, or "crash" to drop players rankings.

Not to mention, the developers REFUSE to fix the everlasting problem with people smurfing, which has been a community DEMAND to fix for many many years.

I am asking directly to the developers of supermechs, why the hell not? What reason do you have for refusing to fix your game? Is it a budget issue? Find a cheap alternative. Is it a lack of employee's skills? train them, have them learn, HIRE someone who can fix it (there are many people ((ME INCLUDED)) who are capable and WILLING to help fix this)...

I need to know why you seem to have completely abandoned your game without officially closing the game, putting player's information at risk?

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Buddy stop whining and cope, the game is a flash game doing better than any I've ever seen not only that all you can do is complain instead of having a useful skill which could contribute to the game, but no you sit here and complain about a small team trying to make something work your life is skill issue. 

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