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A Second Take on SuperLibs: Ad Mechs

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Something, I Guess

It's the same as before. You can choose what fills in the blanks but it helps to rewrite the sentence with your choice in bold or a different color to show that it's a word that you chose. Other than that, go wild.


Ad Lib #1 - Accidental Fuse

Oh no! I accidentally fused my ____ into my ____! How will I ever get it back?

1. Noun

2. Noun

Ad Lib #2 - Sense of Style

Does the ____ paint look good on ____? Does it look good on ____?

1. Paint Name

2. Item

3. Item

Ad Lib #3 - Arena Misfortune

Damn it! That ____ just did a ____ damage crit on me and now I will never be able to reach rank ____ because of how I'm going to ____ this battle!

1. Item

2. Number

3. Number

4. Verb

Ad Lib #4 - Campaign Conqueror 

I made it to the ____! All I have to do is beat ____ and I'll be able to get the ____ box with a ____ item. I wonder what item it will be... Probably a ____?

1. Region Name

2. Region Boss Name

3. Box Type

4. Adjective / Rarity

5. Item / Rarity

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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