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Which Best Builds Heat or Energy

Hello What you Doin.

Which Best Builds Heat or Energy  

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  1. 1. Heat or Energy

    • #1 Heat Builds
    • #1 Energy Builds
    • #2 Energy Builds
    • #2 Heat Builds


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7 hours ago, Hello What you Doin. said:

Screenshot_20231117_232622_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.632a4daea5a1fd987f0bdbe50a80c8ee.jpg#1 EnergyScreenshot_20231117_231435_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.e92c702fea1227a6884ec0ac00f2ce2c.jpg#2 EnergyScreenshot_20231117_221156_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.4df51595651a02e3b4c13eee0b16db16.jpg#2 HeatScreenshot_20231117_221145_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.95702d656a0daee68a2c448fac5231e3.jpg#1 Heat

1- Your Energy #1 does have issue on resistance. you should use phys resistance instead of energy resistance. Yes, it is true for energy mech to use the energy resistance, but you will encounter more phys and heat around. 

2- Use phys resistant in energy #2. Monkey torso is weak not having resistance. They will kill you fast even with high HP. You will need normally higher HP to survive like 3200plus. I do understand your selection. 

3- Your #2 heat mech looks decent the one with MAGMA. Sure, can have changes. 

4- Your #1 heat using hammer it pushes too far away the opponent to use your top weapon. Also, need to use phys resistance. replace energy with the phys. 


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