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actually quitting and what after it?


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about 5 weeks ago i quit due someone's advice i quit playing supermechs
and what happened after it? not a lot honestly
why i quit? due someone's advice
was time wasted? no because i only played for 10-30 mintues hardly 1 hour also because sm is not the only game i played
what i do play? platforms fighting games and flash games
what i am doing now? resting?
anything else? no because i just woke up

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  • hasn changed the title to actually quitting and what after it?

every game it is a waste of time. 🤣

Like anything else, we use them as entertainment between others. Some watch American football, basketball or else but they do not play them and get entertained talking about it like experts talking like fools. Some play them to keep good shape or because does love to play the game. There is no difference here with SM. Some talk none senses like me 🤣 and some talk like they built the game and did the programming knowing everything and the rest are wrong. 🤣

Some compete and others just past the time for that little distraction fun things like I do without interest to compete just making parts wasting my time farming and spending money without a real reason to never try to get a rank just for saying. 🫠

I just play when have the desire for the time I can, or I want. Well, normally if I can because in reality, I do not have much time for it. 🤷‍♂️ I log time to time and make a comment around but when resting for a few min from work then back to work after few min. I barely have time at home in my day off. 

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